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To the left is a grid-connected or on-grid illustration of solar power system. For this very high energy solar power systems please contact your representative or the company for details and requirement specifications. These systems connects to the main public power utility and serves as an additional power source for the entire community.


MiSolar MiS-Jazz250 Portable Power. Comes with high quality Solar Panel, 250W 230VAC inverter, controller, battery, car battery jump starter, 12V DC out, and system cables. Power for wherever you want.

MiSolar Model MiS-SSPS is a complete small house solar power system with solar panel, battery, solar controller and inverter. This system features efficient 300W 230VAC power capable of powering the basic home needs.

Model MiS-MSPS is a complete medium capacity solar power system with battery, solar controller, and inverter. Available in 500VA, 1000VA, and 2000VA capacities to suit most aplication. Xcharge Tech.© is optionally available.

MiSolar Model MiS-LSPS is a complete large capacity solar power system with panel, battery, solar controller,& inverter.  Available in 3000VA & 5000VA capacities to suit most power requirement.Optional Xcharge Tech.©.


MiSolar MiS-6A4, a multi function power device with auto jump starter capability,air compressor (260psi), LED work light, 400W AC Output Inverter, USB output power, re-chargable maintenance free battery, AC/DC.

MiSolar MiS-PC8 is a complete inverter with charger. Plug it into an automotive or airline power source with the included adapter and it re-charges the built-in battery set. 80 or 120W AC.

MiSolar MiS-PS/PC8 series of inverters with charger can switch automatically from AC to inverter power.  Available in 1KVA, 3KVA, and 5KVA configuration. Features battery low & high voltage, thermal, & overload protection. DC 12V input with 5A -10A battery charge current provided.